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Benefits of ionized alkaline water

The Water Ionization Filter is far, far more than just a filter. Initially, the filter functions effectively using silveractivated granulated carbon to purify incoming water, just like 99% of household filter systems.


What separates it from ordinary water filters or magnetic devices are 3 important additional benefits: Health Benefits – The alteration to the water molecules (H2O to OH- + HO) creates changes in the physical characteristics of the output ionized alkaline water (change in pH, oxygen content, lower surface tension, radical ions) and Japanese studies have shown significant health benefits.


Unlike devices that filter through magnetic rock, or pre-bottled chemicals-added water, it uses its own microcomputer to accurately control the rate of pH and REDOX (antioxidant quality) output.

Additional Benefits – Ionized alkaline water ionizers improve the taste of food beyond that of normal filtered water. It very often allows users to modify their diet naturally and without stress as the user ‘s basic pH balance changes, so do the taste buds. Weight loss is a common free bonus of drinking from alkaline water ionizers, and it has a major effect on many teenagers’ lifestyles. Users commonly report major health changes, especially for chronic conditions including skin complaints, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, arthritis and many more.

Pets love it and their coats will be soft and shiny.


The byproduct acid astringent water is beneficial for skin complaints, may be used as a hair rinse, eye wash, gargle, and for mild antibacterial cleansing. Users have also reported excellent results for fungus and eczema.

A Water Ionizer should have at least 4 levels of intensity to chose from, plus neutral water. This is mainly because Ionized Water is extremely detoxifying and most of us have toxins built up over our lives in our systems. Drinking too much water at too high a pH too quickly, we might suffer detox reactions such as headaches, flu symptoms or diarrhea. It is suggested, that the older you are, the slower you work your way up from the weaker alkaline water to the highest level. Also those who have a very poor diet or have taken a lot of medicine should adjust slowly. Having 4 levels simply offers the convenience of more levels of strength to chose from, thus allowing people to build their tolerance for Ionized Water more slowly if they wish.





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