What is the difference between alkaline ionized water and alkaline water?

Alkaline ionized water vs alkaline water

Alkaline water is chemically induced, this means that the pH of the water is increased by the addition of synthetic minerals. The most popular way to make alkaline water is to add baking soda or other minerals or lemon, salt, calcium or magnesium drops, etc.

In contrast, electrolysis (alkaline ionized water) can produce these therapeutic agents from the natural chemistry of existing water without the addition of chemical additives that alter the natural water content of salts. Alkaline ionized water is in fact water “alkalized” naturally by the process of electrolysis of water. This means that it is electrically induced (the so-called orp negative or antioxidant) just like glacier water that naturally ionizes after 3 or 4 days of lightning storms.

This technology is very popular in Asia where there is a more traditional way to consider healing and medicine. There is more reliance on preventive natural treatments such as diet, herbs, vitamins and minerals, as opposed to Western curative medicine that advocates for chemical drugs and “pills for every disease”. The most important advantage of ionized alkaline water is not a higher pH, it is its concentration of therapeutic hydrogen gas.


Here is what the hydrogen concentration will bring to the ionized alkaline water:

Water rich in hydrogen, such as water produced by an alkaline water ionizer, is water (H2O) that contains dissolved hydrogen gas (H2). This gaseous hydrogen is also referred to as diatomic or molecular hydrogen. It is not bound to water molecules, but is available to the body as an antioxidant. Molecular hydrogen can selectively trap toxic free hydroxyl radicals (* OH) and instantly convert them into water: 2 * OH + H2 at 2H2O. Hydrogen gas also has many other beneficial properties. More than 400 scientific articles, including more than 30 human studies, have shown that molecular hydrogen is therapeutic for virtually every organ in the human body and in more than 140 different models of human disease.

Like the intestinal bacteria that produce daily hydrogen gas, hydrogen gas is very natural to the body. Hydrogen does not accumulate in the tissues and is easily exhaled from the lungs. There is therefore no risk of toxicity to drink water rich in hydrogen.

Hydrogen is however very delicate, it will evaporate completely within 24 hours. You should therefore drink alkalized ionized water as soon as possible or at most within 24 hours to get the most beneficial effects from the negative ions in the water. This explains why it can not be sold in bottles and that an alkaline water ionizer is needed.