What is alkaline ionized water ?

  ionized water

Alkaline water machines produce alkaline ionized drinking water via the scientific process of electrolysis. This antioxidant ionized water possesses three amazing anti aging properties not found in any other drinking water source. Firstly electrolyzed ionized water is micro clustered into smaller water clusters consisting of only four to six H2O molecules per cluster, as opposed to the average 12-16 molecules per cluster found bottled, tap, or distilled drinking water. This smaller molecular size of ionized water results in two to three times faster rehydration as your body’s cells more easily assimilate the smaller water clusters through the orifices in their cellular walls.

ionized water  

Secondly, alkaline drinking water is of a higher PH which could help to better neutralize acidic waste found in your body as a byproduct of metabolism and other factors such as the foods you eat and environment in which you go about your daily activities. In fact consuming an alkaline diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fish in addition to drinking alkaline water is recommended.

ionized water Thirdly, alkaline ionized water is ionized which means it possesses an abundance of negatively charged hydroxyl ions in the form of ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential. Millions of these negatively charged hydroxyl ions are consumed in every glass of alkaline ionized drinking water allowing it to rapidly detoxify your body, bonding with and pulling out acidic waste stored in fat cells which are 90% water as well as other bodily fluids and tissues. This is the electrolysis chamber with 9 plates inside the water ionizer : ionized water
  ******* This information is for reference and educational purposes only. Purified water (ionized alkaline or acid) is NOT a treatment for any medical condition. If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor for specialist medical advice. Alkaline water is just purified and restructured tap water (without any chemicals or acid molecules in it); it has no medicinal substance in to to cure any disease condition. Microwater, like fresh air or good food will help with general health, but it is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have a medical condition please seek specialist medical advice. If you have a medical condition please see specialist medical advice.